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Custom made jewellery of Our Country (India)

Don’t we often see a piece of jewellery and feel it needs a little tweak?

Well, all jewellery lovers would definitely identify with this idea. The jewellery produced in India certainly meets international quality and design standards, but we often end up buying what is trending or being worn by everybody else. How many times have you desired to turn a careless jewellery idea into one-of-a-kind fine custom jewellery piece, that is only designed for you? Not many know that the trend of custom made jewellery is catching up in the country and if you love everything unique, then custom made jewellery is definitely something you should look at.

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What is custom made jewellery?

Custom made jewellery is simply jewellery customised for an individual, keeping in mind their needs. It includes making alterations to existing jewellery or designing new pieces as requested by the consumer.

How does it happen?
Custom made jewellery designing is a six point process in India, and here are the vital points it incorporates:

Choosing a vendor

Not all jewellery labels/vendors entertain customisation requests, hence it’s vital to first identify who would be will to take up the custom jewellery project.

Choosing a design

Secondly, as a connoisseur of jewellery, a customer needs to pick up a design that they want to be replicated/designed.

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Sharing the design

You have to then share the design with the jeweller and get quotes on how much the piece of jewellery is going to cost.

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See a 3D design

All leading jewellers who provide customisation of jewellery are open to sharing 3D designs of the pieces, hence it’s best to request for one. This way, you’ll be more or less sure of what to expect from the end product.

Give a go ahead

Once you are satisfied with the 3D design, you need to give your go ahead to the jeweller, and he’ll start the process of crafting the jewellery according to your need.

Your jewellery is ready with all valid certifications

The last part is obviously jewellery delivery, and you only have to check that you are provided with all the valid certifications related to the jewellery – for example the hallmark or diamond purity certifications.

Expert speak

We got in touch with Manan Shah, Co-Founder, N S Jewels to know more about custom made jewellery in India and here’s what he had to say.

According to Shah, custom made jewellery is a new but growing concept in India. “This concept is here to stay as customers nowadays are looking for something unique and exquisite, feels the jewellery expert.

Custom made jewellery’s popularity is increasing because it comes with an advantage of creating a design as per individual’s taste.
There is also an increase in interest of consumers customising their jewellery as opposed to simply buying readymade one as there is now an emotion attached to the customised product,” adds Shah.

The jeweller lists out some benefits of opting for custom made jewellery, here are some of them:

Designs can be made trendy and wearable, as per a modern woman’s needs.
Jewellery can be made in such a way that the statement pieces come with multi-utility options.
There can be a greater focus on the quality of the product.

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