You are currently viewing Karan danced to the song of Kangana’s new film, Did the bitterness of the relationship wash away?

Karan danced to the song of Kangana’s new film, Did the bitterness of the relationship wash away?

The relationship between Ahi and Nakul is theirs. If one is wild ol, the other is tiger tamarind. Year after year, 2 Bollywood stars are at the opposite pole. Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut.

Bollywood lovers have been accustomed to seeing such a director-actress equation for so long. Kangana even called Karan a ‘movie mafia’. However, I was shocked to see a post by Kangana on Twitter. The actress shared a video tweeted by a fan. The director was seen dancing to a song of Kangana’s new film ‘Thalaivi’. If so, did Karan get involved in the promotion of Kangana’s new film? What is the bitterness of many years, but washed away?

The answer to these two questions is negative. Karan did not keep pace with the song of Kangana’s film. The song ‘Chali Chali’ from Kangana’s new film has probably been attached to an old dance video of Karan. Sharing that video on the Twitter wall, Kangana wrote, “The best video ever seen”. He added ‘#ChalichaChallenge’ with it. Kangana has started this challenge to promote the new film. Fans of the actress are posting a video of her dancing to this song on the net.

The Karan-Kangana relationship is somewhat controversial from the beginning. Kangana has attacked this leading director-producer of Bollywood many times. Even on Karan’s talk show ‘Coffee with Karan’, Bollywood’s ‘Thalaivi’ mocked him as a ‘flag bearer of kinship’. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana added fuel to the fire of controversy. The star took Karna to the bar again to give the children a chance in the film.

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