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Nasiruddin Shah tweeted – “Kangna has a problem with all the actors except Modi”

Actor Nasiruddin Shah

From Kangana Ranaut to Narendra Modi: ‘Fake Nasiruddin’ is not leaving anyone behind. Complaining to the police did not help. It is clear that he has no fear. Sometimes a tweet in favor of the peasant movement, sometimes a criticism of the BJP, this is how the fake profile of veteran Bollywood actor Nasiruddin Shah is going on.

A tweet on that profile on Wednesday gained quite a bit of popularity on the net. Where an anonymous Twitter user simultaneously mocked actress Kangana Ranaut and the country’s prime minister. “Kangana Ranaut has a problem with all the other actors in the country except Narendra Modi,” he wrote.

On the one hand, the BJP opponents have fun calling the Prime Minister an ‘actor’. Besides, netizens are also excited to make fun of Kangana Ranaut’s good relationship with Narendra Modi. This tweet 12 hours ago has already received more than 21,000 likes. Has been shared 4 thousand times. Scattered comments below the tweet.

Two days ago, Nasiruddin Shah’s wife, actress Ratna Pathak Shah, said that there was no profile of the actor on Twitter. The star couple devastated by the torture of the fake account. He has even lodged a complaint with the police. But to no avail. On the other hand, the popularity of ‘Nakal Nasiruddin’ is increasing day by day.

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