You are currently viewing Whispers about the relationship! between the director and the actor in Tollywood

Whispers about the relationship! between the director and the actor in Tollywood

Actress and director

The picture is going to be released soon. But with the content of the film as well as the various relationships created behind the scenes, the emphasis has begun. The chemistry of the director and the actress is now at the center of the Tolly-Para discussion. There are whispers that the focus is on one of the two heroines, but the other heroine is becoming pale. If this is the result, then the reason is hidden in the rest of the rumors.


The heroine has entered the world of photography anew. She used to model before. The director is also a singer, composer, lyricist and writer. He has directed several popular and highly acclaimed films before. The administrator’s relationship with the newcomer: This practice is not new. Earlier, such rumors have been spread about many actresses and directors.

But according to sources, some are sure of the truth of this particular incident, some are confused again. They have been seen together at different parties. The way they talk is also eye-catching. But no one is willing to talk about it openly.

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