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Remo – “I was called by different names since childhood for my skin color”

Remo D’Souza.

He made her Bollywood debut as a choreographer. After that also work in the management. That Remo D’Souza also had to face racial discrimination one day. At first he accepted such words, but later he stood up for himself.

Remo said the sarcasm that flew in from all directions for the color of his skin helped him work and move forward. Take yourself to a place you wanted so that no one would dare to speak harshly to him again. Although Remo’s life has changed, he admits that the overall situation has not changed much.

In Remo’s words, “I have faced racial discrimination many times since I was a child. This is something that I have become accustomed to. Especially when I have gone abroad, this problem has become more evident. When I was growing up, I was called by different names. I thought people would call me by all these names if I was asked to look like this. ”

He was hospitalized last December with a heart attack. But after the treatment he came back healthy. He also shared various videos of his recovery from illness.

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