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Sara Ali Khan said that – “I will not leave my mother alone after marriage”

Amrita Singh-Sara Ali Khan.

Actress Sara Ali Khan has spent most of her life with her mother Amrita Singh. When Amrita broke up with Saif Ali Khan, Sara was only 9 years old. After that, from her mother, the actress gradually grew up following her ideals. So Sara’s life revolves around Amrita.

Sara is not willing to leave her mother alone. The actress wants to be with Amrita even after marriage. In an interview, Sara said, “I have decided to stay with my mother for the rest of my life. When I say this, my mother gets angry with me because she has thought a lot about my marriage. But my mother can still be with me after marriage, can’t she? ”

Just as his mother is his best friend, so is Sara afraid of him. In his words, “I enjoy spending time with my mother. I miss my mother even though I am away for a while. I do not hide anything from my mother. But again, my mother is the most scared. ”

Sara is deeply involved with her family. The actress spent time with her mother and brother Ibrahim Ali Khan as soon as she got a little break in her busy routine. The actress visited Maldives with them a few days ago.

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